Intimate Care

Feminine hygiene: clean all over

Important tips for proper hygiene

Personal care is part of beauty. It is an essential part of our daily care routine, and that includes your intimate area, too. We explain how to look after it properly and what you should pay attention to.

Gentle and mild care

Less is sometimes more

The most important element of feminine hygiene is to keep it gentle. Normal shower gels and products containing soap will dry out the sensitive skin. You should also be careful with ingredients such as perfume and alcohol – ideally, these should be avoided completely. To maintain the skin’s natural protective acid layer, the care products you use should be pH-neutral. In other words, they should have the same acidity as the skin.

Your intimate area has a slightly acidic pH level. So, instead of using conventional shower gels and shampoos, use either just lukewarm water or care products tailored to the pH level of your intimate area. This level is usually between 4.0 and 4.5. You should also try to avoid aiming the jet of water directly at sensitive areas, as this could cause bacteria to get in. When washing with a flannel, you should put it in a hot wash afterwards – this will guarantee that all bacteria are removed.

Pay attention to the pH level

PH level

The skin in your intimate area has a higher acidity. The lower pH level of 4.0 to 4.5 is the perfect protection against germs and bacteria. To maintain a constant pH level, pay attention to your washing powder, too: too much alkaline residue in your laundry may affect the vaginal flora.

Here’s how to look after yourself properly

The right care

The vaginal flora, the vagina’s protective layer, provides reliable protection against pathogens. This protection can be maintained with the right feminine hygiene products. For gentle cleansing, care and freshness on-the-go, try Natural Fresh Intimate Care Wash Lotion from NIVEA.

Maintain your natural pH level

Cleansing water

Make sure you choose a product without soap or dyes. Natural Fresh Intimate Care Wash and Wipes has been gynaecologically and dermatologically tested and leaves a pleasant feeling of protection, freshness and well-being.

Feminine hygiene: only use mild ingredients

If you want to use more than just water, try special feminine hygiene products such as Natural Fresh Intimate Wash Lotion from NIVEA. It is developed especially for the needs of your intimate area and therefore provides optimal hygiene and protection. It is free of soaps and is gynaecologically and dermatologically tested. It nurtures the skin with its formula containing mild camomile extract and maintains the skin’s natural pH level with lactic acid.

The acidic skin protection layer in this sensitive area in particular should not be exposed to strong soaps – after all, it protects us from unwelcome fungal infections.