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Can you pass the stress test?

Learn about your stress resistance

Our daily life is full of stressful situations we want to embrace with confidence. Some people sweat easily when things get stressful, some keep calm. But what about you? Can you pass those situations – and can your deodorant? Team up with our science assistant Sarah in the great NIVEA Stress Test now. It will be a little stressful to test your stress resistance but primarily a lot of fun. You will see and surely be surprised. 

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Embracing stress?

Find out who does it.

Stress is bad, right? Wrong! 40% of people around the world actually embrace stress and 60% of people who believe stress is good use it to motivate themselves to spur peak performance. Have a look at NIVEA's global study and learn more about how people cope with stress and how your country scores on the Positive Stress Index!

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NIVEA Stress Protect Spray

Protects with a unique antibacterial formula.

The new NIVEA Stress Protect anti-perspirant spray has a unique antibacterial formula that combines two components – the Stress Protect actives and a zinc complex – that provide extra protection even in stressful situations and safeguards against undesired underarm wetness and body odour.

NIVEA Stress Protect Roll-on

Feel confident in everyday stressful situations.

Available for men and women, the unique antibacterial formula is proven – in a scientific stress test method – to reduce the formation of stress sweating and body odour. At the same time, the formula with avocado oil cares mildly for the underarm skin.

Put an end to stress sweating

with the right deodorant protection

We’ve all been there. Those important situations when we need to be at our best – a job interview, being under time pressure or a long-awaited first date. Actually it’s such situations that are among the most common causes for sweating – so called stress sweating. But what exactly is stress sweating and what is the best protection against it? Read more about this topic and find a solution.

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NIVEA’s new generation of protection

Proven against stress sweating!

The NIVEA research team has succeeded in developing a unique new deodorant. Learn more about how the human body responds in stressful situations and find out how NIVEA Stress Protect protects you also against stress sweating.

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And find out what NIVEA Stress Protect can do for you.

You don't have to actually win a quiz show to know what these stressful situations feel like. And that sweat patches or body odour are the last you want to worry about in these moments. But now you can be protected: with NIVEA Stress Protect. Discover NIVEA’s new generation of anti-perspirants against stress sweating and body odour! Watch our TV-Spot now.

1What is Stress Sweating?
2Do I need protection against Stress Sweating?
Stressful situations such as being under time pressure, important meetings and even first dates, occur in everyday life and happen to everyone. (Take a look at our global stress survey to learn more about how people embrace stress differently around the world). Such stressful situations are often exactly those in which we want to look and feel our best and we surely don’t want to worry about sweat patches or body odour.

But: Stress sweating is an inherent body reaction to such stressful situations, meaning that it happens to everyone – though to a different extent from person to person. Compared to sweating due to heat, it is characterized by the facts that it happens quicker, is independent from outside temperature and leads to a more intense body odour – making it even harder to control.

So yes, stress sweating happens to everyone. But with NIVEA Stress Protect Deodorant, you are well protected to take on every stress test!
3How does NIVEA Stress Protect work?
4Does NIVEA Stress Protect also protect me against “normal” sweating, e.g. while doing sports?

Yes, NIVEA Stress Protect delivers its trusted protection also against the “usual” or thermoregulatory sweating due to temperature or physical activity. It has been scientifically proven to protect effectively against thermal as well as stress sweating for 48h.

5What is the Trier Social Stress Test?
6Does this Deodorant lead to more irritations?

No, like for every deodorant from NIVEA the skin tolerance of the new NIVEA Stress Protect Deodorants has been proven by means of dermatological tests.  In several studies which were run during the development of the formulas the formulas with avocado oil revealed their very good skin compatibility.