Calm & Care Roll-On

Feel free to show your underarms! The after shaving deo with Hammamelis and Pro Vitamin B5 actively supports skin regeneration after shaving.

  • Overview

    *FINALLY A DEODORNAT THAT REPAIRS & CARES AFTER SHAVING* Everytime you shave your underarm, it does not only remove hairs but also particles of the skin’s top layers and leaves barely visible micro-cuts. This can be seen & felt in the form of redness, itchiness and an uncomfortable burning sensation. NIVEA Deodorant Calm & Care, the new innovation in deodorant design to actively *Repairs & Cares* for your underarm skin after shaving. Benefits of NIVEA DEODORANT Calm & Care * It contain *Pro Vitamin B5 to support skin renewal* process * *Witch Hazel to calm irritated skin* * 24 hour reliable anti perspirant protection * Without alcohol or preservatives