Stress Protect Spray

Under time pressure, in a meeting or on a date - in our daily life we are often facing stressful situations. Stress sweating is one undesired effect, accompanied by unpleasant body odour. The new generation of deodorant from NIVEA MEN: Stress Protect! Provides protection against normal heat sweating as well as stress sweating.

  • Overview

    NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Spray is scientifically proven to protect also against stress sweating. Its unique antibacterial formula combines two ingredients - Stress Protect actives and a Zinc complex - giving you reliable anti-perspirant protection against sweat and body odour.               

    • Skin tolerance dermatologically proven
    • No alcohol, colorants or preservatives

  • How to apply

    Shake well before usage. Hold can 15cm from the underarm and spray. Allow product to dry completely.