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Implementing the right care for your skin type
When it comes to finding the proper skin care products for your skin, you really need to know a thing or two about what sort of skin you actually have. Everyone’s skin is different, and with different types come different needs. By browsing through this list of skin care articles and informational pieces, we hope we can assist you in your quest for the perfect balms, milks or creams, and the best practices, application techniques and regimens for your lifestyle. We’re here to provide you with expert, educational pieces and ensure you’re able to optimise your look and stay comfortable in the skin you’re in.

NIVEA knows skin care doesn’t have to be difficult
Whether your skin is cracked and dry, or oily and prone to blackheads, we have what you need to resolve your issues, whatever they may be, and then retain your natural beauty. Even if your skin is already flawless (go you!) we’ve got some interesting, informational pieces that can shed some light on the science behind skin care. Let our experts guide you through the proper techniques for taking care of your body and check out our recommended products for the optimal tools for doing so. If you suffer from dry or peeling skin, you’re going to need a different facial cream than someone whose skin is oily. Mature skin has different requirements than younger skin, and NIVEA knows what those things are. If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, you can always sort this page by topic. Use our filters to locate the information you’re craving.

Everyone’s skin care needs are different, but we’ve got the solutions
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with high-quality skin care products, but we’re also proud to help you find the right solutions to all your dermatological questions. We’re always adding new articles and updates to our listings and sincerely hope you’ll find the answers to any questions you have. Browse our skin care advice section and discover what we can do to help you stay healthy, comfortable and happy in your own skin, no matter where you go or who you are.