Eye Care: Smoothing and Effective

Whether you didn’t get enough sleep, you feel a cold coming on or your days have become more stressful, the eyes are the first place that reveals how we are doing through dark circles and puffiness. Your first wrinkles will also most likely appear around your eyes. The reason your eyes reveal so much about your wellbeing and age is because the skin in this area has very little tissue and is extremely sensitive. That’s why it is imperative to supply the eye area with moisture with a high-quality care every day. Skin experts at NIVEA recommend to use eye care products as soon as the first fine lines around the eyes are spotted, which usually happens form 30 years old onwards. When eye care products are used regularly, the first signs of skin aging can be prevented by tightening the skin around the eyes, making them look younger. Plus, puffiness and other signs of fatigue can be reduced so the eyes appear more awake and brighter. To conceal dark circles, one of the best choices is to go with an eye cream with tinted micro-pigments. All of NIVEA’s eye creams have been developed especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes. They are very mild and do not contain perfumes or UV filters. Another advantage are the light textures, which can be applied particularly gently. When applying your eye cream, the best way is to tap the cream gently into the skin, from the center of the face outwards. Another tip from the NIVEA experts: Consider using an eye make-up remover that is meant for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Serums: Powerful, targeted care

Serums are the perfect add-on to your facial care routine. They contain similar ingredients to day and night creams, but they are differently formulated to be especially concentrated. That way they can not only take effect more intensely, but also more directly and create visible results. When they were first developed, serums were only available in luxury and pharmaceutical cosmetics. Now, NIVEA has been offering these highly concentrated eye care products for several years. The NIVEA skin research experts have developed these serums to refine the skin texture and bring younger-looking skin. Special formulas take action against wrinkles when they first start appearing and support the skin to regenerate. They also make for a very pleasant tactile experience, as they are absorbed very rapidly and deliver smooth and satiny skin instantly. Because the skin can absorb the active substances best directly after cleansing, you should always use your serum before applying your day or night creams.